Special Screening of Odia Cinema Samaya on 8th July

By Subhransu Panda, Bhubaneswar

City-based organization Film Journalists’ Forum (FJF) is going to host a special screening of the 1975 Odia movie Samaya, at Jayadev Bhawan on 8th July, Friday evening.

Samay was directed by Ganesh Mahapatra. The movie stars Shriram Panda(now Swami Nitya Chaitanya), Prashanta Nanda,Tripura Misra, Dhir Biswal and George Tiadi in the leading roles. For the first time in the history of Odia film, some parts of this film are made in color.

Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Bhubaneswar Mishra (Bhuban-Hari) were the music director for Samaya. Bengali director Asit Sen is seen in this film in a small character as Asit Sen. Apart from directing the movie, Ganesh Mahapatra was the screenplay writer and lyricist for Samaya.


FJF Invitation for Samaya Screening

The whole concept of Samaya is based on two non-resident-Odia families in Bombay (now Mumbai) and perhaps this is the film from where a twist came to Odia film world. The newly-wed Odia couple’s life is disrupted when the husband is overcome with amnesia. The wife gets sympathy from a doctor friend, but the relationship is misunderstood and ridiculed by others, including the doctor’s Bombay-born wife who gets involved with another good-for-nothing Bombayite.

a still from the movie Samaya(1975)

a still from the movie Samaya(1975)

Cinematographer Dilip Dutta

Dilip Dutta from Puri was the cinematographer of Samaya. It was his first Odia movie. Later he worked for other Odia movies like Nijhum Ratira Sathi(1979) and Samay Bada Balaban(1985). He started his career in Bollywood as assistant camera person in Sachaai(1969). As a famous cinematographer, he had worked in numerous Bollywood movies such as Bheegi Palkein(1982), Ustad(1989), Umar 55 Ki Dil Bachpan Ka(1992), Bechain(1993), Namak(1996) and Ghar bazaar(1998).

Dilip is the brother of famous Odia author and translator Jugal Kishore Dutta.

in 1976, Sriram Panda (Extreme left) with 'Samay' team

Team Samaya in 1976, (from L to R) Sriram Panda, Ganesh Mahapatra, Asit Sen, Tripura Mishra, Jyotsna Das, George Tiadi and director’s spouse Basanti Mahapatra

The Screening

FJF secretary Surya Deo said,

Always it’s a very tough task to retrieve old movies for screening. For Samay also we had to run a lot. Kailash Chandra Dash was the producer of this movie. He was an industrialist in Bombay and is dead now. And neither his family nor friends own a copy of the movie. Late Dhira Biswal was the distributor of this movie. We tried that route and got nothing. One of my friends informed me about the possible availability of this movie in an old studio in Mumbai. When we asked the studio, they denied possessing the same. Finally, with the help of Doordarshan(DD), we found an U-Matic Low Dent cassette of Samaya from a man in Kolkata. The movie was partly coloured. But we retrieved only a black and white copy of Samaya.

“Living personalities involved with the making of the movie will be felicitated on the occasion. An information booklet on Samaya with rare photographs and memoirs will be published on behalf of the Forum. Before the screening a Prayaschita, a music album produced by the Forum will be launched,” added Deo.

A documentary on Manimala Devi also will be screened prior to Samaya screening at Jayafev Bhawan.

For last five years (since 2011), in its continued effort to screen rare and old Odia movies, FJF has already screened 9 classic cinemas such as, ‘Mala Janha, Kie Kahara, Sri Lokanath, Jeevan Sathi, Ghara Bahuda, Sansar, Nagaphasa, Chilika Teere and Kaa’ under its flagship project ‘Smruti Chhaya’. ‘Samaya’ will be screened as ‘Smruti Chhaya-10′ on Friday.

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