MEEMANSA: Life of Fishermen on Celluloid

By Subhransu Panda, Bhubaneswar:

MEEMANSA (A decision hard to take) is an upcoming Odia movie, directed by Chakradhar Sahu and produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik. This is a fulllength feature film based on a true story, written by Dr Pradeep Dash, a senior OAS officer with govt. of Odisha. He had faced this situation when he was a Tahsildar in Balasore. It’s about the fisherman community. The cinema is shot entirely in the same location of Chandipur.

Meemansa stars Lipi, Mohini Shilalipi, Manoj Patnaik, Rabi Mishra, Minaketan, Ashok Das, Hara Rath, Saroj Parida, Banku, Ashok Ojha, Dev, Mamuni,Tuna Maharana etc. Ratnesh Bhagat composed the music and Prasantanu Mohapatra worked as cinematographer and Subash Sahoo designed the sound for this movie.

The release date for this movie is likely to be finalized soon.


Director Chakradhar Sahu says,

Meemansa is an experimental movie. It could be a very good art film. But our target is the audience, not awards. We hope Odia people will love this movie.

 The Synopsis of Meemansa

A young fisherwoman of Talpatna,  Padma, is forcefully locked inside a room along with her brother-in-law.  In this way, the members of her ‘in-law’ family want her to get pregnant and then agree to marry the boy. Some villagers too help them to carry out this domestic violence. But Padma somehow escapes from their clutch and reaches the office of the local Tahsildar and narrates her painful story to him.

The Tahasildar gives her a patient and sympathetic hearing and then carries out an enquiry. He comes to know that Padma’s husband Ananta died some time back, drowning in the sea, while fishing. The village leader intervened with his hidden motive and persuading a minister granted her some compensation money.

Now this compensation money has made the members of her ‘in-law’ family greedy.  The local leader too wants his share. But when Padma didn’t allow them to carry out their plan they hatched a conspiracy. By conducting an improper union, they wanted to project her as the wife of Hemanta, brother of deceased Ananta and wanted to grab the amount.

Then one certain day Padma is called to the Tahsildar’s office to take the compensation amount. However, the local leader has become successful to convince Padma to give others their share and thus circumvent legal complicacy and cancellation of the grant.

In the meanwhile an amazing and strange incident takes place. Ananta appears in front of the Tahasildar and gives him his authentic identification. His personal account is supported by the office peon Bhola too, who happens to be his childhood friend. This death-defying incident makes the Tahasildar all the more happy. He is very eager to watch the reunion of Ananta with his family members. It will be a divine sight when a mother will rediscover and hug his lost son. And the reunion of Ananta with his wife too will be fulfilling.

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On the due day Padma arrives with her mother-in-law and others to receive the compensation. Because of their earlier understanding, the Mother-in-law says that she has no objection if it is given to Padma.

But before carrying out the formalities, the Tahasildar declares that Ananta is back. He thinks that it will be a pleasant surprise for them. But no, rather Ananta’s reappearance gives the family members a painful shock. They had already accepted his death as a fact of life. And more than that, putting his memory behind, now they were planning to share the compensation amount. Thus his reentry in this juncture is just not a good piece of news. Instead, it will deprive them of the money and leave them unfulfilled. So one after the other, all of them refuse to recognize him. They call him some manipulative ‘look-alike’.

But what about Padma? Will she behave like others? Instead of displaying her loyalty to her husband, will she too fall in love with money? Or will she think herself to be a modern day Savitri? Will she be able to abjure the monetary lure and prefer to savor the peace and bliss of conjugality in the embrace of her husband—Ananta?

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