Odisha Delegation’s Visit to Chhatisgarh is Political Stunt: Amit Jogi

By Odisha Story Bureau, Bilaspur:

“The visit of the delegation from Odisha was not official and it was conducted by the ruling party as a political stunt. Despite 70 percent portion of Mahanadi river flowing in Chhattisgarh and 30 percent in Odisha, they claim the water to be their property. With both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and opposition Congress not raising voice against this it seems there is some secret pact between them. But Chhattisgarh Janata Congress–Jogi (CJCJ) will not remain silent and continue with the struggle till the people of Chhattisgarh gets justice”, asserted Marwahi MLA Amit Jogi while briefing the mediapersons in a news conference held here on Wednesday.

Terming Brijmohan Agrawal ‘Maha Khalnayak’ of Mahanadi, Junior Jogi demanded to expel the Water Resources Minister from the ministry. He said that in an interview with two news channels, Agrawal invited the teams from Odisha to visit the construction site of Arpa-Bhainsajhar project and also assured to extend every support to them.

But after facing severe protest he took a U-turn and cursed the visit of Odisha ministers in Chhattisgarh. He said that this exposes the dual policy of Chhattisgarh government and its ministry and hence CJCJ has taken up the matter with Governor, Prime Minister and BJP National President demanding to expel the Water Resources Minister. He said that they were staging peaceful demonstration on the border of Chhattisgarh-Odisha, but Police brutally cane charged the party activists and arrested them.

Later, the District Collector and other senior officials held discussions with the delegation clearly exposing the dual policies of the state government.

“This is insult to the people. Those who were staging peaceful demonstration in the interest of state were arrested by Police whereas those who were against the interest of Chhattisgarh were being entertained”, he maintained.

Amit Jogi further said that CJCJ has demanded white paper from government on Mahanadi issue. He said that there is 81 kilometer cube water in Mahanadi of which 50 kilometer cube can be used. But only 17 kilometer cube is being used of which 13.5 kilometer cube is being utilized by Odisha and the remaining by Chhattisgarh.

Now, Odisha government has said that Chhattisgarh cannot use the water of Mahanadi river and objected to the state’s ambitious project besides registering protest on the other dams being constructed on the contributory rivers of Mahanadi like Sheonath and Arpa.

“In the following days CJCJ would conduct ‘Boat Yatra’ and visit all the villages in Chhattisgarh situated on the banks of Mahanadi river. Our party leaders will inform people about the ill policies of the state government and how the ruling party has surrendered before Odisha overlooking the interests of its own people”, he added.

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