Manoj Das Website : The Journey of Five Years

Samir Ranjan Das with Sri Manoj Das

Samir Ranjan Das, Hyderabad: completes five years on 15th August 2016

I am a lover of books and Shri Manoj Das is my most favourite writer from my childhood.

It was the pages of “Jahnamanu” that introduced me with his name coming with “Kanaka Upatyakara Kahanee” which has was being published serially in those days.
As I read his books more and more, the dream of once meeting him in Pondicherry shaped in my mind. I never missed his programmes whenever he came to Cuttack and Bhubeneswar in my college days. I watched him from a distance and was dreaming of staying in Pondicherry so that I would be able to see my favourite writer everyday!

In 2011 August, I got the opportunity to get transferred to Pondicherry with a promotion. I purchased all the books of Shri Manoj Das again and travelled with the new set of around sixty books by him.

In Pondicherry, I always searched for the opportunity to take a glimpse of him. Sometimes, we used to wait near the Ashram to catch a sight of him when he was coming to Ashram for evening prayer.

At that time, I thought of creating a website on him as there were very less information available on the web. Shri Manoj Das very reluctantly gave permission and after that the journey began. I frequented his house for more information on him for the website and always got the cherished opportunity to be with him for some time.

My wife and few other friends who were known to me through facebook extended their helping hand and we started giving shape to the website including various aspects of the works and life of the legend.

Now it is one of the biggest websites on any Indian writer and probably only website on a writer created and maintained by a few fans of him.

World of Manoj Das

Section like “Life” reflects almost all the aspects of the life of the legend and includes all the seven books written on Shri Manoj Das by others so far. “Writings” which gives comprehensive information on various aspects of Shri Manoj Das’s writings like short story, novels, poems, travelogues, reminiscences, news papers columns, essays, writings for children etc. The “interview” section includes various interviews of the great writer and “speeches” section preserves more than 75 speeches of Shri Manoj Das both in Odia and English.

The most important part of the website is “Editing” where we have preserved all the issues of “The Heritage”, one of the internationally famous literary journals edited by Shri Manoj Das from 1985 to 1989 and the “Diganta” edited and published from Cuttack by Shri Das stretching from 1959 to 1962 . We have digitized more than thousand news paper articles by Shri Manoj Das published in various Odia and English dailies and preparing them to keep in our website.

The website has been a great help to the research scholars who are doing their PhD on Shri Das. Now our effort has given initiation to various projects.
We have our mobile app “Rainbow- Picks from Manoj Das ( )
We have also preserved more than hundred speeches of Shri Manoj Das in the You Tube.
Now the most important project we have initiated is the ditization of the works of Shri Manoj Das both in Odia and English so that the books will be preserved for posterity and can be accessible in e- book format across the globe.

From the beginning, some dedicated fans of Shri Manoj Das who were introduced to us through “Manoj Das Fans” group in Facebook extended their helping hands in giving shapes to our dreams.

Now this unique website completed five years of existence which started its journey on 15th August 2011.

Samir Ranjan Das is a banker by profession and a voracious reader.



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