March 2017

VAK: First Biennale of Indian Poetry

By Odisha Story Bureau, New Delhi: Brings together 45 poets from 15 languages, discussions on poetry Odia poet Haraprasad Das, Saqti Mohanty and Monalisa Jena are invited Odia poets Haraprasad Das, Saqti Mohanty  and Monalisa Jena are among 45 poets from 15 Indian languages who will gather for a celebration of verses at the country’s […]

Mental health care highly neglected in India

By Dr Debakanta Behera, England: With the passage of Mental Healthcare Bill 2016 in Lok Sabha on 27th March, a well needed impetus is provided to the highly neglected mental health care in India. The Bill which makes affordable mental health care a right for all is already passed in Rajya Sabha in August last year. […]