Campus Politics and Wayward Students

A Student places D in place of B up above the college entrance

By Subhransu Panda:

As political parties are more and more involved in student politics the campus became a mock-war ground for both aspiring student politicians and the politicians. Instead of making them lawful and politically-literate, politicians are spreading hate and violence within students for their own benefits.

Each year, before union election and post-election the campuses become riot fields. For numerous ambitious student politicians, the whole campus witnesses an environment of fear and loss.

Let me tell you an incident. One of my friends relative has taken admission in a Bhubaneswar based educational institute few months back. She is a meritorious student and her family expects a lot from her. Yesterday evening my friend called me and told that, his relative, that young girl doesn’t want to read here.

I asked- Why?

He said- Someone has pelted a bomb to her hostel. She is almost traumatise and want to leave for her village.

This is not the case of one student. Hundreds of student from far away places those who have taken admission in city universities/colleges are living a life of havoc in their campuses due to this bloody campus politics.

BJB to BJD: unofficially changed

See, the image above. How a student dares to change the name of his college in daylight! And you might be aware of it that these type of students are easily being tamed and if required are being saved by our politicians.

I have one suggestion in my mind and I am sure there will be no takers for my cheap suggestion.

Why the campus administrations are waiting to a riot or violence to be taken place to announce a sine die? Why do they wait for an extreme situation to uphold the election? Rather they could declare a holiday for a week or more and request their students to leave campus if they don’t wish to participate in elections. I am sure, 99 per cent of pupil will love to  leave for their safe den.


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Subhransu Panda
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