Jashn-e-Rekhta 2017 Wins Souls


By Kasturika Mishra, New Delhi:

Foods from Odisha added more spices to the event

Jashn-e-Rekhta at Delhi Dhyanchand auditorium was an experience to hold for the soul. On its fourth year of leading the pack of events in Delhi, Rekhta is a link for showcasing the richness of Urdu language and its literary growth from Ghalib to Manto. What one counts as an exhilarating ordinary mundane life processes were described beautifully throughout the sessions that included live performances by raconteur Neelesh Mishra courtesan project.

The personal rapport between Ghalib and his muse Nawab Jaan was presented in a Tawaif (courtesan) backdrop where Ghalib serenaded her muse into a monologue that revolved on his extreme penury. His self-pride and dismal melancholy was captured in a scintillating accompaniment by Kathak danseuse Manjari Chaturvedi.

A Baithak style protest song in Urdu was presented by Shubha Mudgal with narrative by Sohail Hashmi on a progressive Urdu genre drawn from Urdu Shayari and poems by Sahir and other prominent Urdu writers. Snippets on the background of the writers, their journey through their repertoire was so delightfully shared by the panelists that for a moment one forgot the unusual settings of sitting in a audience.

The classical tradition and the contemporary band music rubbed shoulders each with its spell bound effect on audience. What more can you ask from a festival that saw the young thronging the inroads of Urdu in hordes savoring the aura of Urdu zubaan and its splendor.

The open arena had bookstalls from major Urdu publishers and was open to sale for the visitors. Adding culinary flavor to the Awadhi ambiance was food stalls from the steamy Kababs, sweets, Chaats and the best food of Odisha. Macha tarkari and  bhata, macha chop, chicken chop and the best bara guguni….If we love the serene soul stirring along a good feel of space and timelessness in our life  Jashnerekhta didn’t disappoint at all!


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