Preservation and Conservation is Essential: Governor

By Odisha Story Bureau, Bhubaneswar:

6oth Foundation Day of Odisha State Museum

Essential activity of the Museum is preservation and conservation. These are essential to convey and to develop awareness of culture and cultural properties for future generations. It is therefore very important to express gratitude to our predecessors, who carefully protected and handed on cultural properties up to the present day. To show this gratitude through actions, we must continue to pass on these irreplaceable cultural properties to future generations, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir.

Addressing in the valedictory function of 6oth Foundation Day of Odisha State Museum, Governor said, there are two roles to specify for the Museum. First is conveying culture to future generations. Museums that focus mainly on antiquities still do not possess enough appeal for the younger generation. How to attract younger visitors and deepen their understanding of culture and history is one of the large issues currently facing the museums. Second is conveying our culture to the world. Conveying one’s own culture to the world is an extremely important issue for museum policy. Participating in Google Art Project would be advantageous for the Museum. Through this service, Internet users can be able to experience our Museum virtually, which will hopefully create one of the platforms for publicizing the Museum to the world.

Preserving a true story is not something that can be done in a single day or two. It is a labour that requires administration, dedication and endless effort in order to cross reference every little piece of data that may hide a small treasure of other information, which will give a whole new aspect to the main storyline. Therefore, the effort of Odisha State Museum in taking viewers down the lanes of history for last 60 years deserves commendation. The Government had taken various steps to further increase the function and facilities in the Museum. On the foundation day it is important for Odisha State Museum to revisit its objectives and roles in society, Governor added.

Prafulla Samal, Minister, W&CD, MSME, Manoranjan Panigrahy, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Culture, Dr. Jayanti Rath, Superintendent, Odisha State Museum, Dr. Mahesh Prasad Das, eminent Historian, Suchismita Mantry, Superintendent, State Archive among others spoke on the occasion. Govenor released “Odisha State Museum: Glimpses”, Exploration of the Prachi Valley, Catalogue on Copper inscriptions in Odisha Museum and Decorative Art of Parsuramesure Temple on the occasion. Successful students in various competitions were awarded. Governor felicitated Bidyabhusan Acharya, Kumudini Pattnaik and Kalpana Das for their valuable donation to the Museum.


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