Injured Anubhav Writes Emotional Letter to Fans

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Bhubaneswar, May 14, 2018:

As Ollywood‘s most favoured actor Anubhav Mohanty was busy shooting his upcoming Odia film ‘Prem Kumar’ last month, he faced an accident. After CT scan it was learnt that both of his ankles have been fractured.

Thousands of fans rushed to the hospital to ensure his well-being.

Now Anubhav is walking with a walker. And we hope he will be back to the shooting floor soon.

As Anubhav is at home taking a forced leave from his busy schedules, he wrote an emotional letter for his fans in social media.

Anubhav wrote,

From the very beginning of my career, I have always loved & enjoyed giving my own stunts myself. Got injured several times & also resumed my shoot without rest. But don’t know what went wrong this time. I can still remember those moments when I was shooting on the roof of a four stored building & while doing my own stunt during a chase sequence, jumped from a height of around 20-25 feet only without safety wires (all other precautions were very well taken) and landed badly twisting one of my ankles & multiple fractures on both the legs. Can never ever express what exactly was going on in my mind then when I saw my right ankle twisted.

After the accident he lost hope for a while, unaware about the fractures. Expressing his first reaction after the incident Anubhav said,

For a moment, I believed that this was the end of my career. I felt as if everything was over forever. Will never get the love of my fans again & will never get to see the historical crowd that gathers in my movies first day first show. I felt as if I had lost everything that’s my life. I immediately, without any fear, as if I’m myself a doctor, thought of twisting it back to correct position with the help of others. But everyone warned me not to do as it could have got worse. Everyone was in deep shock & almost crying by seeing me in pain. I was immediately driven to a hospital without any further delay.

Once he was admitted in hospital fans, family members, well-wishers and curious commons started paying visits. There were heavy crowd waiting outside the hospital premises. Here Anubhav reminded his mentor acor-director late Hara Patnaik,

Just when I reached the hospital, I saw a huge crowd already gathered only to know that their Anubhav was fit & fine. They all reminded me of my Guru, Hara Uncle. He always used to say me since my very first film, “MURKHA, TU HERO. JETTE KASTTA HELE B SABUBELE LOKANKA SAMNA RE HASUTHIBU AU DAANTA DEKHAUTHIBU. NAHELE SEMANE BHABIBE K TU B SAMASTANKA BHALIA NORMAL. AU TATE HERO BOLI KEBE B BHABIBENI.” His voice was echoing in my ears. Remembering my Parents & His words, I took God’s name & without making any painful noise, shifted to the stretcher & went inside the hospital.

Anubhav again wrote,

Later at the hospital after the CTscan I learnt about the fractures in both of my ankles. Oh God !!! why did this had to happen now when I am shooting for my RAJA FILM, PREM KUMAR which is so eagerly awaited by millions of fans. Why????? The shoot was going so smoothly & the Team was so happy & excited. This movie is one of the biggest experiments in Odia Cine World. Then why did this happen to me?????????? WHYYYYY DEAR GOD😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭??????????

Huhhhh….anyways, I was so moved by the way thousands of fans rushed to the hospital to ensure my well-being. The hospital staff panicked, the police was trying it’s best to keep the crowd calm. It is only after that I posted a video of mine saying that I’m fine & had a minor injury only which ultimately pacified the fans. Mami, Varsha & Chicku, my In-Laws along with my Producers, Director, D.O.P., Fight Master & every single Technician with Suzi, Prabhakar, Abhi, Nizaam, Ali, Jilu, my childhood friends & so many people were there with me.

Expressing his mother’s reaction, wife Varsha‘s love and close aide Chickaaa’s dedication , Anubhav wrote,

Tears were rolling down my mother’s eyes. Although Bapa was not their physically yet was constantly speaking to Mami about me over phone. After all Parents are Parents and their love is divine and can carry no comparison as whatever I am today it is because of my Parents.

On top of all, I have to give credit to my dearest wife Varsha Priyadarshini, the love of my life, who has not left me alone ever since my injury and personally taking care of me day in and day out. She cancelled all her shooting schedule for me. Thankyou dear Varsha for being there with me. Words will fail to express what all you are doing for me.

My dearest Chickaaa Singh is more like my Son to me. He behaved in a very matured manner as one should in such situations. Proud of you Chickaaa. Love You too.

After diagnosed in a Cuttack hospital he further went to Delhi for treatment. He wrote,

Friends, I love you all and I am absolutely sure that I am recovering so fast only because of your prayers and blessings. I am greatful to the entire team of Doctors and the hospital staff both at Cuttack and New Delhi who have helped me recover so fast. Of course there were times when I was depressed but the endless efforts of my doctors with the blessings of my parents, family and the near and dear ones, the pain has reduced a lot making me comfortable.

Anubhav is defiant about completing shooting of the movie soon as this Tarang Cine Production film is going to hit cinemas in Raja next month. He said,

The injuries are taking time but progressing fast and I am sure that I will be able to complete The Film, PREM KUMAR if not for the Raja but definitely very very soon. I don’t want to compromise with the movie for which I’m facing so much of pain. This pain has to payback in a much bigger way. This movie has to be a big one & without any compromises. The entire Team of Prem Kumar is now set to create a new benchmark of its own. Shooting shall resume in next few days only. Please wish & bless me my dearest friends.

Anubhav further added,

I apologise to my DEAREST TEAM (Prem Kumar) & MY DEAREST FANS (my strength) for I couldn’t join them for Raja release but trust me, PREM KUMAR IS COMING IN A MUCH MORE STRONGER & VIBRANT STYLE.

I have started walking with the help of a walker & will walk without it soon… Will run again & will jump again And yes, this time, the height for jump will be higher & I’ll make sure that I don’t get injured.. Will chase the bad guy & catch him for sure

Friends, Love you all from the core of my heart and thanks a lot for all your prayers and good wishes. Life is a challenge & every single step will challenge you. That’s what is happening in my life now.
Guys..catch you all very soon. Stay tuned for further updates about the movie.

We wish Anubhav a great career ahead and a grand success for Prem Kumar.


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