Arun Sahoo, Tushar Nayak and Sit-ups

By Subhransu Panda, May 31, 2018:

He is not Jake Gyllenhall, the American actor who used to do 1000 sit-ups a day. He is not Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese Footballer who used to do 1000 sit-ups a week. But he claimed he did 70 sit-ups and former minister and Nayagarh MLA Arun Kumar Sahoo forced him to do so.

Yes, I am talking about the student leader from Baripada and a member of the youth wing og Biju Janata Dal (BJD) Mr Tushar Kumar Nayak. Tushar suddenly came to lime-lite after he alleged that his party’s Mayurbhanj district observer Dr Arun Kumar Sahoo had misbehaved him and forced him to do sit-ups in front of other party colleagues.

Tushar , the president of North Odisha University Student Council, alleged that day before yesterday he went to Baripada circuit house with ex-president of the Council to meet Dr Sahoo. He wanted to discuss demands of students community. He wanted to represent grievances of students regarding operation of Odia PG Department of the varsity to the MLA. Instead of giving a patient hearing to the issues, Arun misbehaved Tushar and forced him to do 70 sit-ups, said the later.

After this alleged incident on 29th May, Tushar posted his ordeal on Facebook and spoke to the media also. He also said that he was thinking of quitting the party.

However, Arun denied such incident and clarified that he asked Tushar to do sit-ups stay fit.

I have no idea whether the incident is true. But few questions raised in my mind:

1.) Who is Arun Sahoo? Neither he holds any portfolio in cabinet nor anyway related to the decision-making forces in Higher Education. Instead of meeting the VC, Minister of local MLAs why did Tushar called on Arun at the first place?

2.) Tushar is not a child. How he could be forced to do sit-ups?

3.) The youth who is thinking of leaving the party, how come he decided to go by his leaders order, if even forced to do sit-ups?

4.) Tushar would have met his party leader in private or could have availed appointment prior to their meeting. What compelled him to put his student issues in a party workers meeting? Was there any urgency that couldn’t be avoided?

Irrespective of political parties, young aspirants should have patience and loyalty to their parties. They shouldn’t jump to a sudden conclusion to achieve instant fame or mere celebrity-hood.

Subhransu Panda is an author and journalist. He can be reached at and 9338655845.

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