Mahakalapada: Voters Strive for New Face


Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak is losing support of BJD voters

While the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is gaining more public support in Mahakalapada constituency in Kendrapada district, the sitting MLA from the party Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak is at a crossroad. The man who pocketed more than 47% votes during last general election is now unable to cope with the current scenario.

According to an independent observation by an election survey group from Noida, while BJD is becoming stronger day by day in Mahakalapada, public supoort for Nayak is decreasing.

In 2009 election Atanu became legislator for the first time with a record 70,433 votes. The congress candidate Balaram Parida gained 50,838 votes. BJP was far behind with only 18,633 votes.

However in 2014 the situation has been changed with the reentry of  Bijoy Mohapatra, the two time MLA from Mahakalapada. To diminish BJP candidate Bijoy Mohapatra, it’s discussed that Atanu made a deal with Congress candidate and tried to pull congress voters towards his party.

As a result Atanu won the battle with 81,050 votes, while Bijoy gained 57,804 votes and this time congress candidate was limited with 27,001 votes only.

Though during 2014 election Atanu receives more votes in comparison to 2009, his vote percentage was not encouraging. In 2009 his vote share was 48.69%. However in 2014 his vote share was decreased by more than 1% as he got 47.62% votes. In the other hand Bijoy Mohapatra managed to raise his party’s vote share from 13% to 34%.

After Atanu’s spat with the erstwhile party colleague and former MP Baijayant Panda, most of the unhappy BJD supporters are raising hands for a new face in Mahakalapada. Few BJD supporters in Silipur Panchayat opined that they would vote for any new face, but not Atanu in next election. According to a few voters in Dumuka Panchayat, Atanu’s associates are behaving common people very badly. His close associates are behaving as Super MLAs. The main reason behind Atanu’s disfavour is his disassociation with public. Unlike Baijayant Panda and Bijoy Mohapatra, he doesn’t go to the public directly. Rather his junior party colleagues in Mahakalapada are working as his agents while meeting people.

It’s also came to light that Atanu’s close associates are threatening public servants and PanchayatiRaj representatives in the name of third floor (CM’s office). His associates are openly preaching that Atanu has a strong hold in third floor and can they go to any extent to tame the unhappy colleagues and opponents.

Recently a photograph of Atanu, allegedly proving his association with arrested gangster Tito, is being circulated throughout the constituency. His association with Bangladeshi refugee voters and congress leaders in Mahakalapada yet to be challenged and proved. However it would be very difficult this time to win the election if BJD continues with Atanu.


A new face in BJD for Mahakalapada constituency is supposed to shore up party’s popularity.



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