Arun Rising, Queen Finds No Hope in Nayagarh !

By Subhransu Panda, Bhubaneswar:

Nayagarh Assembly constituency is no way connected with Kandhamal Parliamentary constituency except sharing neighborhood. But few months back the Member of Parliament from Kandhamala Pratyusha Rajeshwari Singh was seen spending more times building her public relations in Nayagarh.

There was an common assumption that Pratyusha or her family (hairs of the princely state) had a good number of voters’ support in Nayagarh. Most of the supporters are hardcore congress sympathisers. Even a section of BJD, revolting against sitting MLA Arun Kumar Sahoo, were also joining hands with Pratyusha.

However the things have been changed in last few months. A part of Pratyusha’s supporters have joined Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and the rest are now wrestling hard to revive the district Congress with the leadership of Ranajit Dash, the erstwhile supporter of Pratyusha.

With the support of numerous displeased BJD leaders (Arun Sahoo’s adversaries), now Pratyusha finds no hope in Nayagarh assembly constituency. For last few months she is no more being seen in Nayagarh. According to sources, unlike her earlier political activities, now neither she is building public relations in Nayagarh, nor showing interest in chasing Arun Sahoo.

On the other hand, the 3 time BJD MLA from Nayagarh Arun Kumar Sahoo is trying hard to hold his fort in next election. Arun sympathisers and his influence peddler within the party were canvassing hard to put out Pratyusha from the Nayagarh horizon.

Arun Kumar Sahoo, known as the unputdownable leader in Nayagarh, is retaining his constituency time and again despite rumours of serious setback in past elections. After quitting his ministry berth in 2017, Arun is giving maximum of his time in Nayagarh constituency.

Nayagarh MLA Arun Kumar Sahoo is interacting with villagers in his constituency

Arun is trying to win hearts for a consecutive 4th time with loads of pro-people activities, new projects and by ensuring proper utilisation of govt schemes in Nayagarh.

Known as a crisis manager, Arun always succeeds to overcome hurdles and to manage troublemakers. During last general election in 2014, Hemendra Singh stood as a biggest threat to Arun’s winability. However with the support of his party colleagues Arun managed to make a deal with Hemendra. Just few months before the elections, Hemendra quit Congress to join the ruling party. Soon after he became the face of Loksabha from Kandhamal, with a BJD ticket.

Arun Sahoo’s love for literature, culture, sports and youth empowerment also help his to grasp intellectual minds in Nayagarh. He himself is a poet having a doctoral degree in history.


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