Anubhav Patnaik Imports Skills to Khandapada

Bhubaneswar: To adapt new technology and to enhance skill of Khandapada artisans, local MLA Anubhav Patnaik visited Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh with Brass and Bell Metal craftsmen from Kantilo.

A team of artisans from Kantilo headed by Patnaik reached Moradabad on 7th of August to learn the amazing and innovative craft works.

The team visited metal workshops and interacted with Moradabad’s best artisans. In a workshop the team and MLA Patanik were also greeted by members of Metal Handicrafts Service Centre, Moradabad.

Upon his arrival in Bhubaneswar Patnaik expressed his pleasure and said,

This visit will help our artisans adopt new and innovative skills to make their Handicrafts more acceptable by customers. It will lead to increased sells and economic growth of the artisans.

Patnaik also thanked the Handloom and Handicrafts Department for organising this learning trip for the Kantilo artisan to improve their skill and support growth of Handicrafts in Khandapada Constituency.

Moradabad is popularly known as the Brass City (Pittal Nagari) of the country. Countries like Britain, the US, Middle East Asia, Germany and Canada import brassware from Moradabad. In Moradabad there are about 600 export units and 9000 industries in the district. Moradabad exports goods worth Rs. 4500 crore yearly. Export of mint is also done in several crores from Moradabad. These products are quite famous in overseas market and are being exported in thousands of crores yearly.

On the other hand, Odisha’s Kantilo is famous for brass and bell metal utensil and crafts, but nowadays it is losing its sheen. There was a time when the small pilgrimage town in Nayagarh district was recognized by a passerby through the sounds of collective beating of metal by the traditional artistes emanating from a number of houses there. Now many families and houses in Kantilo have opted out of the traditional art of bell metal work.

However in recent years things have been changed. As Anubhav Patnaik shows special interest in the revival of the traditional skill, many new steps have been taken by the government. An interpretation centre has been opened there at Kantilo.


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