Akshay Parija Movie to Advocate Bengali Origin of Rasagola !

Bhubaneswar: Two days after announcing his plans about producing Bengali films at Make In Odisha Conclave, renowned Odia producer Akshay Kumar Parija came up with the trailer of his upcoming Bengali movie Rosogolla.

Official Facebook page of Akshay Parija Productions shared the Youtube link of Rosogolla trailer on 16th November 2018.

Though the story-line has not been defined yet, one can assume from the trailer that the movie may advocate Bengali origin of Rasagola, a popular Odia sweet. The trailer depicts Navin Chandra Das’s plight and struggle of inventing Rasagola. It has created controversy in social media.

Author and Rasagola researcher Asit Mohanty said,

Navin Chandra Das is not the inventor of Rasagola. Even before his time Rasagola was there in Bengal and was known as Gopal Gola, Jatin Gola and Bhabani Gola etc. On the other hand, Odisha’s Rasogola has been mentioned in fifteenth century in Balaram das’s Dandi Ramayan. The proof of this is clearly available in Typical Selections From Oriya Literature (1921), edited by Bijoy Chandra Mazumdar and published by Kolkata University.

When asked about the Rosogolla film trailer, Asit Mohanty said,

I am not aware about the story of this Bengali movie. But perhaps it depicts Nabin Chandra Das as the inventor of Rasagola. This is wrong. Earlier such an attempt was made and a group of people were planning a special stamp cover on Navin Das. We opposed the move and tabled concrete information at India Post and concern Union Minister. Finally the attempt was foiled. If Akshay Parija repeats the same mistake, we will strongly oppose it. He has no rights to distort history without any proof.

However we were unable to contact Akshay Kumar Parija.

On 14th November 2018, Akshay Parija revealed his plans to produce Bengali films as he was participating as a panelist in the ‘Media and Entertainment’ segment in the Make in Odisha Conclave.


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