Ranga Sabha: Birth of New Literary Forum

Ranga Sabha, Inaugural Meet

Bhubaneswar: A new podium of brotherhood of Odia authors named as Ranga Sabha was born in Bhubaneswar last Sunday. Ranga Sabha is a monthly feature rich literary hub of like-minded Odia creative authors. The inaugural Baithak of Ranga Sabha was held at the office premises of leading publishing house PEN IN Books here.

The concept of Ranga Sabha was first conceived by celebrated poet and thinker Haraprasad Das. However Odia authors Saqti Mohanty, Pabitra Mohan Kar and Subhransu Panda took initiatives to make the dream true.

Finally it was inaugurated on 25th November (last Sunday of the month) in presence of 11 authors. It has been decided to hold a monthly meeting of the literary group every month, preferably on last Sunday.

The objectives of the forum is to discuss, debate, argue and share literary ideas and creations. Unlike the conventional meetings, there will be no boundaries for participants in Ranga Sabha. It’s decided to allow everybody to discuss whatever they wish. It will also act as a recreation hub for like-minded literary fellows.

Speaking on the organisation poet and thinker Haraprasad Das stated,

Ranga Sabha is the recreation of the concept of a multi-hued art podium where aesthetic products grow from the fire of creative joy. I am delighted to be a witness to the birth of this forum which would engage us in the quest of aesthetic pleasure through our own works and the works of our colleagues who engage out attention.

Four volumes of Haraprasad Das’s poetry were unveiled during the inaugural Baithak of Ranga Sabha.

He further added,

Openhearted, open-ended, wide-angled and freewheeling by nature, this podium is the celebration of creative joy by a brotherhood of writers.

Young poet and storyteller Saqti Mohanty said,

Ranga Sabha is a feature rich lit-tea circuit of creative writers. From temple city to smart city tag, Bhubaneswar has consistently been in the forefront of culture, music, dance and literature. Ranga Sabha, apart from all creative faculty will concern much on poetry, dialogues, readings, literary workshops, creative gossips and many more.

Poet Pabitra Mohan Kar said,

Through unbiased camaraderie and informal sharing of ideas, Ranga Sabha could provide sparkling glipses of the enviably rich legacy of Odia literature and its evolution with global reference. This monthly forum for literature is a benign beginning by some aspiring contemporaries to appreciate the glorious horizon of world literature in general and Odia in particular.

Author Subhransu Panda said,

Amidst criticism and challenges in Odia literature, Ranga Sabha will try to build a positive literary sphere here at Ranga Sabha. Our aim is to foster a deeper literary sensibility among the members and beyond. Our sole purpose is to develop a creative body that will allow everybody to speak their hearts including contrarian viewpoints.

In the first meeting senior storyteller Prakash Mohapatra, poet Pabitra Mohan Kar, poet Artatran Mishra, poet and essayist Debadatta Pati, poet Priyaranjan Mohanty, poet Pranab Prakash Nayak, young author Amiya Dash and young poet Pranay Sudha.

The second Baithak will be held in last week of December 2018.



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