Congress Rising: BJP Castles Fall Down

New Delhi: Though counting for assembly elections in five  states are yet to be completed officially, the trends are clearly indicating a major setback for BJP. The counting in Rajasthan, Chhatishgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana and Manipur were completed. Congress played well and gained complete majority in BJP-led states like Rajasthan, and Chhatishgarh. In MP also BJP lost major seats to Congress.

Though results were not declared officially, in MP out of 230 seats Congress won in 114 seats, while BJP in 109 and BSP gained 2 seats only. Likewise in Rajastan Congress with allied parties gained a landslide victory with 101 seats out of 199 seats. BJP pocketed only 73 seats and BSP has 6. In Chhatishgarh also Congress has an unexpected victory with 68 seats to its credit out of 90. BJP won only in 16 seats and other parties have 6.

In Manipur, regional party MNF won 26 seats out of 40, while Congress and BJP gained 5 and 1 respectively. In Telengana out 119 seats TRS won 88 seats, congress and other parties have 21 seats and BJP has only 1 seat to its credit.


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