China Bans Christmas Celebrations !

The classroom boards in China read: 'Act and reject Western festival' and 'Promote traditional culture, reject Western festival'

Bhubaneswar: You may find Chinese Christmas items sold in Bhubaneswar. All over India Cheap Christmas items, mostly made in China, are being sold widely. But in China, the sale of such items are being banned.

According to reports, China has started campaign against Christmas as a Western festival. In mainland China authorities have launched a series of ideological campaigns to crack down on non-Chinese celebrations. In addition to Christmas, the list of Western festivals also includes Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, among others. A majority of the commentaries define Western festivals as “cultural invasion” or “national humiliation”.

In school and universities, students were advised not to celebrate Western festivals.

A school notice in China against the celebration of Western festivals on campus.

In Langfang city, locals were asked to report people ‘spreading religion’ in public. Officials there have ordered the removal of all festive decorations and banned shops from holding sales to “maintain stability”. The statement by Langfang officials said that anyone caught selling Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings or Santa Claus figures in the city would be punished.

Christmas is not a recognised holiday in mainland China – where the ruling party is officially atheist – and for many years authorities have taken a tough stance on anyone who celebrates it in public.

Police also started raiding underground churches. The Rongguili Church in Guangzhou, widely known as the beacon of faith in southern China, was raided last week, making it the third prominent Protestant unregistered church to be shut down by Chinese authorities this winter.

Last year, the Communist Party of China’s central committee and state council issued an official document entitled “Suggestions on the implementation of projects to promote and develop traditional Chinese culture excellence”. They outlined a cultural revival project that lists Chinese festivals like the Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival, among others, as cultural conventions worthy of celebration.


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