Tsunami Hits Indonesia Leading to 280 Casualties

Jakarta: The underwater land-sides following the eruption of the Anak Krokatoa volcano lead to three meters high tsunami waves which hit the beaches and towns of the Sunda Strait of Indonesia.

This natural calamity came without any warning and killed nearly 280 people and lead to injury of more than 850 and also damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings.

The tsunami hit the Island at 9:27 pm on day before yesterday, when there was a Christmas Holiday weekend. An Indonesian pop band Seventeen was playing under a tent at the island when the tsunami hit and the water gushed in, causing the stage and the equipment to buckle under the force. The group released a statement saying their bass player, guitarist and road manager were killed, while two other band members and the wife of one of the performers were missing.

Indonesia does not have any early warning system for tsunamis, for which so much destruction has been caused.

This devastation freshened up the memories of Dec 26, 2004 Tsunami, which had hit the country with a magnitude of 9.7 killing people in many countries and majority in Indonesia.

Rescue operations are in continuation where more casualties are feared.


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