New Year: Supreme Court will decide 4 Major Cases

New Delhi: On reopening of the Supreme Court in the new year today after completion of the winter vacation it will give verdict on four important cases.

  1. Ayodhya Land Dispute

Day after tomorrow that is on 4th Jan the Apex Court will hear the Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir- Babari Masjid land dispute case. In the month of January it will be decided as which bench will hear the matter from time to time. On 27th September 2018 the three judge bench refused to send the matter to the Constitutional bench and the Supreme Court has made it clear that it will be decided and settled as a land dispute.

The Muslim Parties had requested that before the hearing on the Ayodhya Land Dispute, the SC’s 1994 judgment on the Ismail Farooqi case needs to be re-examined. Nonetheless, on this issue political rhetoric outside the court is fast. There is also a demand for making laws for the temple. Also, the demand for early hearing of the case is also going on.

  1. CBI v. CBI

The decision on the ongoing controversy in the Supreme Court is also going to come. The Supreme Court reserved the judgment on his petition against the transfer of CBI director Alok Verma on leave. Apart from Alok Verma, the demand for the SIT probe by filing an application by NGO Common Cause was sought. Alok Verma had reached the Supreme Court against sending him on leave. In the petition, the order of the government in the freedom of the CBI is said to interfere. The petition said that, the decision of the government and the CVC to deny them the charge of the director and to give any other workload is illegal, which should be rejected.

  1. Affidavit on Rafeael

On December 14 the Supreme Court had dismissed the petitions in connection with the Rafael Case. After this dismissal the Center had filed an affidavit for change in the content of Para No. 25 in the Rafeal Deal verdict as there is grammatical mistake which might result into a serious misunderstanding. Thus needs to be corrected.

The Congress questioned the point of sharing the report with the CAG in paragraph 25. The Supreme Court had written in paragraph 25 that according to the material the government has presented, Rafael’s price was shared with the CAG and the CAG report was given to the PAC. Accusing the Congress of misguiding the court at the Center, the Congress said that no such report was received by the PAC.

  1. Appeal of Sajjan Kumar

Sajjan Kumar, the convict of life imprisonment in 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots case, has challenged the High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court through an appeal. Thus the Apex court in this new year will also hear and decide on it.


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