Women’s Wing of Odisha BJP Launches Campaign for Atrocities of Women

Bhubaneswar: A State wide campaign “Jabab Maguchi Odisha” for highlighting the atrocities against women and the state government’s alleged complicity for such an sensitive issue was being launched by the Odisha BJP Women’s Wing against the government.

The women’s wing accused the Naveen Government for implementing “anti-women policies” because of which crime rate against women have increased in the state.

Under this campaign which started today a cart named “Jabab Maguchi Rath” will be flagged off which will move around all the 147 constituencies of the state for the portrayal of atrocities which the women are facing.

“The Rath will travel in all the 147 constituencies of Odisha, where we will be showing the video (made by us) on a girl who was gang raped and killed by the BJD goons in 2011” said Lekhasri Samantsinghar, State General Secretary, BJP.

“Law and order is completely devasted in Odisha, crimes against women are high now a days and the government is sleeping over it since 19 years ”, she said.

“In many cases, the BJD’s own leaders, MLAs and MPs are involved and are shielding the criminals, and the Chief Minister never responds. BJP is running an extensive campaign that Odisha is unsafe for women and the government has failed to provide justice,” said Lekhasri Samantsinghar.




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