Gilehrio Trails Conducts First Heritage Trial

Bhubaneswar: Gilehrio Trails, a Bhubaneswar based start-up for educational tourism conducted their first heritage trail on Saturday  in Ekamra Kshetra of Bhubaneswar for 35 Architecture students from Sri Sri University, Cuttack.

Gilehrio is team that is curious and passionate about India, travel and heritage. It works on creating authentic and immersive educative experience in off-beat locations, driven and enabled by local people and communities, made truly memorable by through stories and interactions.

Gilehrio Trails, the first of its kind was introduced starting with an architectural walk of the temples of Bhubaneswar, tracing the evolution of Kalingan School of Architecture, Archaeology and the numerous and intriguing myths and legends surrounding these beautiful monuments with architecture students of Sri Sri University.

The walk was first of many designed by Gilehrio to especially showcase the wealth of Bhubaneswar’s long and intriguing heritage. Trails covering the city’s Tantric and Pashupat heritage, and the water monument heritage of the ancient parts of the temple city will be initiated shortly.

The trail was led by Jitu Mishra, co-founder of Gilehrio anda  well-known archaeologist and educator. The trail started at 6.30 AM from the Rajarani Temple and covered 10 gems of Kalingan Temples including a walk along the Bindusagar. The walk highlighted the architectural and archaeological heritage along with the mythology and folklore associated with these monuments which have been steeped with stories over the centuries.

Participants Siygani and Vaghdevi while sharing their experiences told: ‘We used to visit temples to worship and prayer. Now we can go into details understanding about the carvings and their background stories. Khusbu, another participant told: ‘I am an atheist and had no intention to visit a temple. But now I can relate and appreciate every details of a Hindu Temple, thanks to Gilehrio Trail for introducing such a noble idea for me’


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