Blue Wheel Hospital

Bhubaneswar: Blue Wheel Hospital is a Coloproctology Hospital in Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar.The timings of Blue Wheel Hospital are: Mon-Sat: 10:00-20:00. Some of the services provided by the Hospital are: Ultrasonography,Liver Function Test,Stoma Care,Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery and X Ray etc.

Dr. Deepak Das,
Intervention Radiologist & Medical director.

50 years old male patient with right sided oral cancer post surgery, post radiotherapy presented with excessive bleeding from the right side of the face and mouth. Multiple such episodes happened in a span of 2 days where the patient continued to bleed in spite of external compression. His condition decorated in spite of best medical management and he had to be put on ventilator and artificial life support systems . Due to the severe nature of bleeding his hemoglobin dipped to 2.2gm%.
He was shifted to Blue Wheel Hospital in ventilator support, Dr. Deepak Das, Interventional Radiologist (AIIMS, New Delhi Trained )did brain angiogram and it should a large aneurysm and leakage of blood from the right common carotid artery. Such carotid leakages are rare and is life threatening if not treated immediately. The hospital has a large detector state of the art Cath-lab by help of which a stent graft was placed in the right common carotid artery. The leakage of blood and bleeding stopped immediately. The hemoglobin improved. The ventilator support and life support system was removed and the patient was discharged in stable condition. The patient recovered in 2 days time.
Compared to the expenses that would have been incurred in large metro hospital. The technique used was non-surgical treatment of liver cancer, varicose veins, acute stroke, uterine fibroid, leg ulcers, limb saving angioplasty is possible at Blue Wheel Hospital using latest state of art facilities. Interventional radiology involves latest technologies for these condition ensuring painless treatment, quicker recovery, lesser hospitalisation and lower cost.

Dr. Soumen Roy,
Gastro & Liver Surgeon.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Dakua, 37 year old male with A\H\O of electric shock injury at about 2:00PM on 02.09.2019 and fell over transformer from ten feet height, resulting in penetrating trauma abdomen with evisceration of abdominal contents. He was presented to emergency dept and was assessed and resuscitated by emergency physician and trauma consultant.
Patient was taken for emergency exploratory laparotomy with high risk consent as a life saving measure. Ileal resection and anastomosis was done. Repair of urinary bladder and rectus muscle were done. Abdominal lavage was done for fecal peritonitis.
Burn was assessed to be about 45% of the total body surface area partial thickness. Burn dressing is being done regularly under supervision of plastic surgeon.
Patient was shifted to ICU and managed by critical care team. He is receiving broad spectrum; TPN, Antibiotics, Intravenous fluids and ICU care with timely burn dressing daily. Patient is conscious and maintaining saturation on oxygen and currently haemo-dynamically stable.

Patient was a known case of chronic polycystic liver disease, admitted with above motioned chief complaint. All necessary lab investigation were done. Evaluated with CECT upper abdomen which revealed polycystic liver disease with relative sparing of segment II and III, left lobe to total liver volume ratio-21%, few sub centimetric size cysts in right kidney.Right extended hepatectomy with segment -2 partial excision was done on 17/08/19. Liver cysts biopsy was taken and sent for histopathological study. During the hospital course, 3 units of FFP and 2 units of PRBC was given. Postoperative ICU stay for 48 hrs was uneventful. Patient was managed with IV Antibiotics. Wound dressing done. Now, the patient is stable for discharge with following medication and advice.