Amara Muzik Grows Its Youtube Base To 7 Lakh Subscribers

Bhubaneswar: Amara Muzik, a leading music label in Odisha has grown to a Youtube subscriber base of 7 lakh which is a landmark achievement for odisha film industry. This only proves the deep rooted cultural and musical interest people of state have.
Amara Muzik has shown a promising growth pattern digitally and continues to promote regional content and making it available to people beyond the boundaries of Odisha.
Today, listeners for odia music on Amara Muzik channel pan from India, Middle East, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and more which earlier was inaccessible.
“We believe and work to grow the base of Odia music, beyond state and country boundaries. We’ve grown as a label to nurture artists, technicians, and their art; making it imperative to promote and provide them with an audience base that enjoys and appreciate music.” says Suraj Mohnot, Head – Digital Marketing, Amara Muzik.
Amara Muzik has now ventured into movie production and is all set for its first mega release “Mal Mahu Jiban Mati” starring Sabyasachi Mishra and Ray Elina Samantary.