NASA’s Hello Messages To Indian Lander Vikram

Bhubaneswar: NASA is reportedly attempting to send signals to Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram amid efforts by the ISRO to connect with Lander, which is lying motionless on the surface Moon. Since the hard landing of Vikram during early hours of September 7, the ISRO has said that it will try to establish contact with Vikram. It should be noted that the ISRO has time only till September 21st. Now, a Times of India report says that NASA has also joined the effort to reconnect with Vikram Lander. The report says that deep-space antennas at three geostrategic locations have send ‘hello signals’ to Vikram Lander.
This effort to re-establish communication with the crashed lander will continue at least till 21 September, ISRO has confirmed, when the lander’s and rover’s fortnight of sunshine runs out and a 14-day lunar night consumes the near-side of the moon’s South Polar region, where the Vikram lander was to land (safely).