HDFC: Anugul Money Scam

Anugul: From collectors’ account from HDFC bank, Anugul Rs 60 lakhs was being withdrawn on behalf of 8 withdrawal cheques on or before May 2018,which the new appointed collector was aware of and got to know after an year of the scam. How come the previous collector was unaware of the huge scam during his tenure its a question arising among the common people as yearly audit of the all acoount of collector office must be under his supervision every year.
After the complaint of the new collector, Police arrested the ex-bank manager Shakti bedant Dash and immediately forwarded to court. But arresting the manager is not the only solution. Two days before question highlighted from the media, so the police called the bank employees and after asking few questions told them to leave. As per the banking system without a teller and authorised signatory, How could the bank manager alone was able to withdrew such a huge amount it’s a question mark in general people. If there is no record and evidences of those days then how a bank manager could erased the evidences from the bank system without the help of higher authorities like cluster heads of the bank and record room authorities.
In a hand HDFC is giving protection to all its employees and in other hand some unseen power is giving protection to government employees of collector office.
The scam was into air as shakti dash left HDFC after immediate the scam the point was highlighted by the police but as per the bank employees sources he got the better opportunities and already has given his notice period earlier than the scam. Without his name one HDFC bank employee confessed to our reporter that if Mr Dash could not have left HDFC he could have been under security of the bank. Due to the unseen power pressure all the evidences are imposed on ex-bank manager and police is creating evidence against him due to which they are unable to produce the case diary in front of court since a week and trying their level best to protect the other suspected culprits.