CSE Condemns Killing Innocent Protesters in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, May 23, 2018: Says the present situation reflects complete failure of environmental governance in the country Asks for people’s interests to be looked into over company’s business interests Recommends permanent closure of the plant along with a plan to de-contaminate the site and the surrounding environment. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), has […]

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CSE Welcomes ASCI Ruling on Misleading Poultry Industry Ad Featuring Sania Mirza

New Delhi, May 21, 2018: Asks the tennis star, once again, to publicly distance herself from the advertisement  Advertisement Standards Council of India (ASCI) says poultry industry advertisement by All India Poultry Development and Services Private Limited is misleading Advertisement had falsely claimed the poultry sector is not misusing antibiotics. It had also misused and […]

WHO report on polluted cities in India sounds a dire warning

New Delhi, May 2, 2018: Aggressive national and state-level action needed: CSE “The report by WHO is a warning about the serious and run-away pollution and public health emergency that confronts India today,” remarked Sunita Narain, director general, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), responding to the latest urban air quality database 2016 released by […]

CSE meet in Ranchi tries to get to the core of the Patthargadi movement

Ranchi, April 30, 2018: Are we assessing the movement correctly – asks Sunita Narain “India has seen numerous movements and campaigns to assure people’s rights over their resources, and every such movement has had something to teach us. The Patthargadi movement might also be trying to tell us something – and we have gathered here to […]

Odisha’s Ganjam Has 4044 Blackbucks

By Odisha Story Bureau, Bhubaneswar: Blackbuck population in Ganjam district went up never before. According to a recent census by forest department now the number of these Indian antelopes in Ganjam sees a 20% increase in number. There are 4044 number of these Indian antelopes seen in Betnai-Balipadar area of Ganjam district. Out of them 2,086 are female, 1,166 […]

Tiger Cub Rescued in Nayagarh

By Odisha Story Bureau, Nayagarh: Just after five days of World Wildlife Day celebrated in Odisha, a two year old tiger cub was rescued in Nayagarh district today morning. The Kalarapatria baby was first spotted roaming near a pond in Kadua village near Rasanga in Gania block. People captured the cub and informed forest department […]

CSE Bags Two World Ozone Awards

By Odisha Story Bureau, New Delhi: 30th anniversary of Montreal Protocol Chandra Bhushan, CSE’s deputy director general, receives the Partnership Award for facilitating the Kigali Agreement Down To Earth gets the Best Media Coverage Award Kigali Agreement is the first legally binding climate change treaty of the 21st century The awards were given away yesterday at the […]

In These Bad Air Days, Temporary Measures Will Not Work: CSE

By Odisha Story Bureau, New Delhi: Delhi-NCR must focus on taking decisive steps which will have immediate as well as long-term impacts. This requires political leadership, which is sorely lacking at the moment, says Sunita Narain, director general, CSE On the second day of the worst episode of severe air quality this winter, even as […]

DTE Releases New Book: Drought, But Why?

By Odisha Story Bureau, New Delhi: 9th CMS Vatavaran Film Festival and Forum Showcases the success of water budgeting in India, screens film on Marathawada Book release was followed by a panel discussion with Nila Madhab Panda Why is a water-rich India plagued by recurrent droughts? Is India a victim of its own policy that revolves around […]