A Rag picker’s World

Where There Is A Will There Is A Doctored Way

A Ragpicker’s World By Jyoti Nanda: This story is about a doctor, an intelligent doctor with a very good reputation of his job at hand. If I continue to attract you to follow me to the end you will certainly applause the intelligence displayed in the process. Who knows, you may put this intelligence of […]

The Writer’s First Love

A Rag Picker’s World by Jyoti Nanda ‘I love being a writer, what I cannot stand is the paperwork’ Peter De Vries I exclude the Chintakas. But every writer do nourish a favorite delicious dream within themselves, writing masterpieces without toiling for any paper work. As of now this dream is distant. Who knows tomorrow […]

The Therapeutic Paper

A Rag Picker’s World By Jyoti Nanda: Sandeep Sahu, a respected  journalist from Odisha had expressed once his genuine concern for an important scatological matter.The five star hotels in their toilets are in the practice of keeping rolls of  tissue paper or toilet paper,which is much to the discomfort of traditional jug-user Odias.This type of […]

The Book People of Jhinti Sasan

A Rag picker’s World By Jyoti Nanda This story is not that old. Only one year passed in between. I was then comfortable with a smiling and polite no to him. On the other side of the air, one enthusiastic youth from an electronic channel thankfully did not insist me to have a yes. Second […]

An Eve’s Tale

A Rag picker’s World by Jyoti Nanda: Her name is Barbie. Though she has completed fifty seven years in this March of 2016 yet the age has failed to grab her. Talk of any legendary beauties from the pages of history like a mythical Athena or a historical Cleopatra she stands apart unparallel and uncomparable […]