Reach Jharsuguda in Just 50 Minutes from 14 June

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By Odisha Story Bureau, Bhubaneswar, May 11, 2018:

Weekly 6 days flight to Jharsuguda and Rourkela from June 14

Now you can fly from Bhubaneswar to Jharsuguda daily in just 50 minutes. Also another flight to connect Bhubaneswar with Rourkela in 1 hour.

Air Odisha is going to operate in Odisha from next month under UDAN scheme and to provide low-cost air services from Bhubaneswar to Rourkela and Jharsuguda. The company will operate in 8 routes in Odisha including two to neighboring states.

Flight_No Origin Destination Dep_Time Arr_Time Valid_From Valid_Till Frequency
6X 114 Bhubaneswar Jharsuguda 5:50 6:40 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 124 Bhubaneswar Rourkela 16:15 17:15 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 123 Jharsuguda Bhubaneswar 15:20 16:00 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 115 Jharsuguda Raipur 6:55 7:45 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 121 Jharsuguda Ranchi 13:15 14:00 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 120 Raipur Jharsuguda 12:15 13:00 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 122 Ranchi Jharsuguda 14:20 15:05 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456
6X 125 Rourkela Bhubaneswar 17:30 18:30 15JUN2018 31AUG2018 123456

 1-Monday,  2-Tuesday,  3-Wednesday,  4-Thursday,  5-Friday,  6-Saturday,  7-Sunday

Yesterday Odisha government decided to start the first regional air connectivity operation between Jharsuguda and Bhubaneswar from June 14.

The Centre has launched the ‘Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik’ (UDAN) scheme which is aimed at boosting regional connectivity with low-cost flights.

Meanwhile, Rourkela air strip has also been made ready for the UDAN operation and an MoU has been signed between Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and AAI regarding air strip management and operation.

As mentioned in Air Odisha  website, flight number 6X-114 and 6X-124 will connect Bhubaneswar with Jharsuguda and Rourkela respectively. The Jharsuguda flight will leave Bhubaneswar at 5.50 am and reach there at 6.40 am. Similarly the 6X-124 flight will leave Bhubaneswar 4.15 pm and reach Rourkela at 5.15 pm. Jharsuguda will be further connected with Ranchi and Raipur.

All the flights will fly from Monday to Saturday, the website reads. According to sources, the average price of a ticket for these flights would be around Rs 2,500.



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