Niranjan Welcomes Modi With 6 Questions

By Odisha Story Bureau, Bhubaneswar, May 23, 2018:

Niranjan Patnaik Asks 6 questions to Modi

Urges PM to answer on Mahanadi issue

As the Union government celebrates its fourth anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is joining a mega show in Cuttack on 26th of this month.

Newly appointed Odisha Congress President and former minister Niranjan Patnaik welcomed Modi to Odisha on behalf of the people of the state. However Niranjan asked 6 questions through his twitter account to Modi ahead of the later’s maiden visit to Cuttack after becoming PM.

Niranjan Patnaik Asked,

What’s your take on Mahanadi problem and the unjust actions taken by Chhatishgarh Government?

Patnaik further asked Modi,

Whom do you support- the illegal activities of Chhattisgarh Government orthe people of Odisha?

Patnaik’s 3rd question to Modi,

Will you beg apology Odisha people for the Chhatishgarh Government reserves Mahavadi water unlawfully?

Niranjan’s 4th question to Modi,

Will you accept that Chhatishgarh Government has committed blunders by setting up Dams and Barrages on Mahanadi?

Niranjan’s 5th question,

Will you direct Chhatishgarh to stop ongoing projects on Mahanadi?

And Niranjan Patnaik’s 6th question to Modi,

Will you direct the BJP Government in Chhatishgarh to release Mahanadi water soon?

In his tweets Niranjan thanked Modi for coming to Odisha to answer the questions raised by Odisha people on issues like Mahanadi river, Fuel price etc.

People of Odisha will keenly listen to the speech of PM Modi in Cuttack and expect him to admit that Chhattisgarh was wrong in unilaterally constructing dams and barrages without the consent of the Government of Odisha, said Niranjan.

Niranjan further said, Odisha would like to know if Narendra Modi will shun partisan politics and sanction Chhattisgarh, under Raman Singh, for unilaterally constructing dams & barrages on Mahandi river, depriving Odias of their right to access water of the Mahanadi.

Focusing on Mahanadi dispute Niranjan tweeted, Mahanadi is an inter-state river and there can’t be any construction on the river without Odisha’s consent. The BJP has stabbed the people of Odisha on their back by controlling the waters & destroying Mahanadi. Lord Jagannath will not forgive the BJP.

Asking PM about special package for Odisha Niranjan said, our farmers are suffering & they must be protected by improving utilization of water resources. Will the PM announce a special package of 1.25 lakh crore? Don’t do in Odisha what you did in Bihar, said Niranjan.


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