General Categories Poor Get 10% Quota

New Delhi: The ruling Modi-led BJP government has approved 10% reservation for the economically backward upper caste in government jobs and education. This will really change the fate of the party in the elections of 2019. The Government is now planning to move a Constitution Amendment Bill in the Parliament to actualise the new quota structure in the system.


People with

  • an annual income of Rs 8 lakh,
  • agriculture land below five acres,
  • possessing a residential home below 1,000 sq ft,
  • Those with residential plot below 109 yards in a notified municipality or a residential plot below 209 yards in a non-notified municipality area and
  • other similar criteria will all qualify for the new quota.

The new quota proposal seeks to benefit the economically backward among those castes that do not fall under the quota meant for socially backward. This means that people who do not benefit from the 50 per cent existing quota and are below the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) criteria, will benefit from this proposal.

But according to Supreme Court, the reservation criteria can not exceed beyond 50%. Thus, creating new 10% reservation on in the line will might violate. Moreover the Constitution does only recognise socially and educationally backward people, no where it defines about economically backwardness. In such a situation there might be a need for Constitutional amendment, which will be a more

Though it s a good move, but how much it can be effectively implemented is a big question.


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