Digvijay Singh Challenges Modi To File Case Against Him

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: The Senior Congress Leader Digvijiy Singh, challenged PM Narendra Modi today to file a case against him as BJP leaders alleged him that he was an anti-national and a Pakistan supporter.

This happened when in a series of tweets, Singh, who stirred a controversy yesterday by referring to the Pulwama terror attack as an “accident”. This tweet was questioned as why the attacks should be called a “durghatana” and it prompted Modi and three Union ministers to term him anti-national.

Singh also informed that the Modi Govt’s some ministers and the PM himself have levelled several allegations against him and also expressed their intentions of filing a sedition case.

He further tweeted, “The tweet over which you and your ministers called me a Pakistan supporter and an anti-national was posted from Delhi where police are under the Union government. If you are brave, file a case against me”.



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