Indore BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya Thrashes Civic Officer With Cricket Bat

Indore: Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya, thrashed a civic worker in Indore with a cricket bat in full public.
The BJP MLA went about beating up the officer even after media persons surrounded him with cameras and recorded the entire incident.
The municipal corporation officer who the BJP leader thrashed was in the area to carry out an anti-encroachment drive. The officer and Vijayvargiya engaged in an argument when it heated up. Soon, the BJP MLA started beating up the officer with a cricket bat.
According to sources, Akash Vijayvargiya justified his actions and said that the officers were illegally demolishing a building.

Vijayvargiya said, “The owner of the building paid the corporation to demolish it and some people were staying in the building. I tried to reach out to the corporation, they didn’t take my calls. I have a responsibility towards the people who voted for me”.
BJP leader Hitesh Bajpai told India Today TV that Akash Vijayvargiya thrashed the officer because he asked for bribe during the encroachment drive in Indore on Wednesday.
In a video that has now gone viral, MLA Vijayvargiya can be seen threatening the officers saying, “You should leave within five minutes orelse whatever happens after that will be your responsibility.”