Miscreants Loot Cash, Gold On Road In Odisha Capital

Bhubaneswar: Three miscreants today allegedly looted Rs 75,000 and gold ornaments from a woman on Kargil Road in Odisha capital.
According to reports, the victim Subhadra Nayak, owner of a mobile phone shop, was heading towards Master Canteen Square here on a scooty with her relative early this morning when three biker miscreants pushed the moving vehicle, following which the two fell down.
Later, the wrongdoers threatened the victim duo with weapons and looted gold ornaments and cash from the woman. The two have been admitted to the Capital Hospital here for treatment.
The Airfield police have started investigation into the incident, which came a day after an elderly couple was looted of cash and gold ornaments worth over Rs 6 lakh at Gayatri Nagar in Sisupalagada on the outskirts of the city.