Super 30, a Biopic of Brains: A Review

Super 30 is one of those movies which would give one a series of goose bumps. One is completely oblivious to the passage of time.

Unlike Mohenjodaro , Hrithik returns with a bang! Sans any shred of his style and clinical dance moves that make up one of the best dancers of Hindi film industry. Here, he succeeds in living the character by the sheer strength of his acting alone.

He speaks through his eyes and expressions, and one can only gape in awe at the subsequent transition of facial expressions on his face.  Speaking of Anand kumar, an ace mathematician (in reel life), the movie takes you on a journey through his crests and troughs. The screenplay is almost believable and succeeds in eliciting an impromptu applause from the average movie goer. The character depicted is unapologetic about his angst, sensitive and firmly rooted in his conviction. Just like any other man who has dreams, he dreams and fights hard to achieve them. And when he is hit by life, he falters nonetheless keeps fighting on despite the losses he has faced.

He has ideals but he is no idealist. Like any other average man he enjoys whatever a steady inflow of cash can get him, but once stung and awakened, he chooses to do what even devils wont dare to. Decrying all the empty fame and money he has been getting, in spite of opposition from close ones, he single mindedly resolves to act upon what his conscience deigns him to do-  To teach the least privileged children and prepare them to crack IIT entrance exam.

“ Education is the straight road to Heaven”- this can be seen in many scenes and heard in a few dialogues- and the sarcasm behind those who provide coaching as well as those who receive it can be well felt. The disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished has been depicted starkly without a shred of apology or mellowing down.

Throughout the movie, the behavioral dynamics of characters has been superbly captured and one could surely see eyes among the audience moisten. People enter thinking this to a Hrithik Roshan movie but they exit by getting inspired by Anand Kumar, the protagonist.

The cinematography by Anay Goswamy ( Mom,Fitoor, Kai Po Che) is splendid and adds a depth to the performance of the cast.  Aditya Srivastava ( Inspector Abhijeet in CID) does an excellent job and the scene where he aces is when Pankaj Tripathi hits him twice  with a newspaper. Pankaj Tripathi’s short but vital screen time can only  be appalled at. His comic timing laced with an underplayed malice and exuding nefarious persona is a treat for his fans and viewers alike. Simply intense! He is one more reason why Super 30 should be watched.  Mrunal Thakur as Anand Kumar’s love interest does impress with her short yet cheeky delivery as does Amit Sadh as the journalist Bharath. But the icing on the top, is the performance delivered by the young teenagers who play the students in the movie. Be it the scene where they introduce themselves to the protagonist or the mad Holi song venting out all the pent up anger and fear within them.

How a father’s helplessness bears the face of stoicism, has been aptly portrayed by Virendra Saxena as Anand Kumar’s father.  It may be said that no character is over utilized nor under portrayed. The execution of the film is flawless.

Super 30 takes a dig at the buffet of coaching institutes being served to young folks and their parents on a platter. If education is for all, then why should only a select strata avail that advantage?  A simple but one glaring question that must have crossed every individual’s mind at one time or another.  There is no clear cut answer nor does the movie aim to give you one.

A lot of references to mathematics and how it is ever present in our daily lives and natural phenomenon is constantly echoed throughout the film. How good common sense can help create innovation is another take home message.

Barring a few scenes, the overall depiction and screenplay is pretty realistic interspersed with the right dose of hilarity and sarcasm as well as the suddenness. For example, when the protagonist gets shot by two goons at a point blank range, with a katta. One could hear to whole audience gasp! The credit for this goes to the director Vikas Bahl , unlike his previous venture Shaandaar(2015), which had been  a huge disappointment . The story could seem a bit melodramatic when the Super 30 kids do “ladaai” with hardened criminals with their “padhaai”.  Still the scene lingers in one’s mind where one of the girls says “ Issey Kehtey hain distraction!” while glaring at the goons.

True! In the end one will surely think about how many things we take for granted in life and never take a breath to ponder about them.

The credit for this film is shared equally by all the actors. Each giving their best and succeeding, in bringing home such an inspirational movie.  And it raises this vital question too – There are many such brilliant minds and curious kids, among the impoverished segment of our society, throughout the length and breadth of our land, will they ever get an Anand Kumar who dares them to dream and take the leap towards it?

This movie reflects that times are changing and the changes will become more and more visible. The one who has the drive and passion to succeed matters more than one who has all the means.




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Pratyush Mishra
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